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Car Tracking

We offer a very Affordable and Efficient car tracking service tailored to your budget, nationwide.

Fleet Management

Do  you want to track multiple cars/Track? Fleet management  will be the best option to optimize your productivity & While saving Cost

Speed Limiter

Our installation is done by our specially trained and licensed technicians in accordance with FRSC requirement.

Fuel Monitoring

Monitor Fuel Consumption remotely. Get refill/drainage alerts, actionable insights and more. track your Cost.

We Are The Best Car Tracking Company in Nigeria…

Our team of experience engineers are committed to providing the best customer experience possible through our innovative offerings

Track your Vehicle’s position here. You will need your login details to access the tracking interface

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Protect Your Vehicle

Protect your vehicles with the  Best, advanced & effective technology and experience Peace of Mind by knowing the real time location of your vehicle at all time.

No Hidden Charges

Our prices are affordable, one time payment. Yes! No monthly fees, No annual Fees on Basic Plan.

Track on The Move

You can track from any location with your mobile phone. Even without internet Phone.

Live Map Tracking

See every details of your car’s location. See full street address on our live map

Be in Control 100%

Take 100% control of your car at all time. Demobilize and mobilize your car engine from anywhere you are when neccessary.

Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicle’s speed,current location , Historical Movement of the vehicle anytime, anywhere and anyday.

Fleet Monitoring

Our system grows with you. You can enjoy our fleet management packages if you have more vehicles.

Reports On Demand

Communicate with your car on the go. Get instant report on your mobile phone whenever you want.

Secure Your Car Today With Car Tracking Nigeria…..

Car tracking Nigeria company welcomes you to our website. How secured is your car? Do you value your car that much? why not secure it today? Incidents of car robbery or Car theft happens every day in every country all over the world. Nigeria is not an exemption, we hear in the news everyday, how cars were rob at gun point, some are even rob by the the driver’s sheer carelessness. You can’t take away the fact that our security system is not as responsive as the western world. A report of a car theft will only cost you more money to start a search with the police than the cost of installing a car tracker. Our country’s system will demand you to get a report that your car was indeed stolen and after that, you still will be required to pay the search fee even though there is no guarantee that your car will be found. Its annoying, but you can avoid all of these by just installing a car tracking device. There is no two ways around it, subscribing to a car tracking project allows you to be in control of your car’s where-about anytime anyday. You can tell at any point in time the location of your vehicle, if its parked, moving or within your location. Car Tracking Nigeria Company is a subsidiary of Techchoice  limited; a Nigerian security and surveillance company with its offices spread across Nigeria. We Sell and install the best car tracker system available in the Nigerian cartracking industry. Over the years we’ve been able to service clients in government and corporate organisations. Our huge list of satisfied Customers speaks volume about our service delivery. Our services are  mainly built around car security and vehicle management. if you are hoping to get a car tracker or looking for a reliable and efficient car tracking company in Nigeria to undertake your cartracking installation then look no further, We install and give you the best advice on car tracking system. Outside our affordable prices, we work with our clients all the way to ensure they are satisfied by providing quality support. .We install only the best devices and advice our customers on the best tracking package for their car and fleet. Car Tracking Nigeria Company understands the dynamics of the market and we know that every customer is different so we try our best to treat you specially by attending to your every needs accordingly. Whilst TK vehicle tracking is more popular in Nigeria, we don’t just recommend it for every prospect, because we know you might have some special needs which TK car tracking devices might not have. Moreso we are among the few car tracking companies in Lagos that gives our clients free hands-off training. You don’t have to contact us after installation as you will be able to track your cars or your fleet of cars all by yourself. We keep  you in-charge, That’s why you don’t pay us any monthly or annual fees. You will only need us when it comes to recovery your stolen car or troubleshooting the device incase it develops fault which happens on rare cases. Are you still thinking why you should secure your car with us? We know there are over a thousand vehicle tracking companies in Nigeria but the fact remains, none of these tracking companies in Nigeria can give after sales support like Us. In this business, after sales support is rare to find among the majority of car tracking companies. Most of these companies offers car tracking services at ridiculous prices because they are only interested in getting paid. When their attention is needed after the device is installed, they disappear, am sure this not what you want. If you could invest over 1000,000 naira to purchase an automobile, why would you want to go for a poor quality tracker that could damage your car just because of the cost. Most of these low quality devices are installed for 40,000 naira – 43,000naira, The difference with our price is just 10,000 or less. Unlike other providers, You will enjoy peace of mind and better features with us. So wouldn’t you rather pay a little more to get quality and peace of mind? We are customer friendly and we believe every satisfied will not only come back for more business but would come along with a new customers and this has been our driving force over the years. Make us your Fleet management company today and you are sure of a smooth working relationship. The benefits of making us your car tracking company can not be over emphasized. Perhaps as the saying goes; a trials will convince you. Feel Free to use our communication channels to get across to us. We will be more than happy to welcome you on board.


Mobile Based Tracking
  • Track Vehicle Location on Mobile Phone or PC
  • Real-Time 24×7 GPS Tracking
  • Recording Vehicle movement
  • Stop Vehicle Engine
  • Resume Vehicle Engine
  • Voice Monitoring in your vehicle
  • Distance Statistics
  • Comprehensive Fleet Management
  • Over-Speed Alert
  • Geo-fencing
  • Web/SMS/Mobile APP Platform
  • Playback Routes
  • Mileage Report
  • Travel sheet Report
  • Driver behaviour Report
  • Backup Battery
  • Mileage Report
  • Over speed Details
  • Stop Details
  • History Record
  • Annual renewal
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Free Installation
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Custom Plan

Fleet management
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  • Track Vehicle Location on Mobile Phone or PC
  • Stop Vehicle Engine
  • Resume Vehicle Engine
  • Voice Monitoring in your vehicle
  • Distance Statistics
  • Over-Speed Alert
  •  +Geo-fencing (Optional)
  • Web/SMS/Mobile APP Platform
  • Playback Routes
  • ACC Ignition detection
  • Burglar alert
  •  +Mileage Report
  • Over speed Details
  • Stop Details
  • A Year History Record
  • Annual renewal
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Free Installation
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Alarm Alert System
  • Custom Request
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Many of our business partners use car tracking Nigeria vehicle tracking services, their services has been good so far no complaint from our partners, I recommend their service. {Eagle Haulage}

I installed Car Tracking Nigeria Device in my company car , I love their services and I now monitor my office drivers from my house here in Dubia, they are dedicated, i recommend them {Victory-Supreme Tech}

We ‘ve been using car tracking Nigeria company as our fleet management company since 2012. we love There Service, very responsive. {John Seplat}